Maison Hayoit is a household linen specialist, allowing it to offer a broad range of personalised articles and services, catering to any need and fulfilling any request.
We take pride in satisfying every single customer.

If you are looking for a particular model or size among our brands, it can be ordered - at no extra cost - from the collection catalogues that you can leaf through at leisure in our stores.

You will also be able to find suppliers who offer custom items. An XXL bathrobe, a fitted sheet for adjustable beds, a duvet cover with non-standard dimensions, a tablecloth with an unusual width.

We can even tailor your tablecloths and napkins to your taste.
Our custom tablecloths can be ordered in one of two materials. If your tablecloth needs to be of a high-quality and easy-to-care-for, we recommend going for a tablecloth made of 100% polyester (stain-resistant) from the German brand Sander. If the tablecloth is intended for small or big celebrations, then opt for a polylin tablecloth (60% linen, 40% polyester) from the Belgian brand Libeco.
All sizes of tablecloths for oval, round or rectangular tables are possible. You can choose between two different finishes (simple edges or mitred corners) and a wide range of colours (40 polyester colours and 14 polylin colours).
Napkins of the same material and in an identical colour are also available to set off your summer, festive or everyday table to perfection.