Natural pillow - Medium 60/60 800g

Natural pillow 15% new duck down, 85% new feathers (800g), 100% cotton percale casing

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Expected delivery date : 30/04/2024


Natural pillow made of new natural down and new duck feathers. The difference between a down pillow and a synthetic pillow lies in its natural thermoregulation capabilities, i.e. the power to extract the moisture produced by the body and maintain heat. The head is therefore kept at an ideal temperature.

They come in three different levels of comfort:

  • Soft: 600g fill weight (pillow size: 60/60) - 550g (pillow size: 60/60) - 550g (pillow size: 60/60):
  • Medium : 800g fill weight (pillow size: 60/60) - 750g (pillow size: 50/70)
  • Firm: 1000g fill weight (pillow size: 60/60) - 950g (pillow size: 50/70)


  • Filling: 15% new natural duck down - 85% new feathers
  • Density: 800 grammes
  • Casing: 100% cotton percale TC233
  • Finish: taped double stitching
  • Fill power: 400 (CUIN) This is the thermal insulation capacity and the value is between 300 and 800 CUIN.
  • Oeko-Tex certified: This certification guarantees that the products do not contain products that are harmful to health.
  • Natural anti-dust mite properties (No Mite): Dust mites are attracted to confined, warm and humid environments. Thanks to their fill power that promotes air circulation, feathers and down have natural anti-dust mite properties. Moreover, the tightly woven casing creates a second protective barrier.
  • Downafresh certified: This label also guarantees a clean product of very high quality. The handling of the fillings and the manufacturing processes comply with the stringent EU directives.
  • IDLF certified: Traceability system that monitors the welfare of the ducks and geese.


Made in Denmark.

Care instructions:

  • Washable at 60°C
  • Tumble dry at low temperature with drying balls or tennis balls (5h to 9h).

Delivered in a protective cover.

Wash at 60°C, dryer allowed
Duck down

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